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Hold On Just A Little Bit (NESB)

“Hold On Just A Little Bit” Track twelve from the album, “Steadfast Until the End” is […]

Executive News
Feature News: Tagumpay 1

It’s a week before the end of year Thanksgiving Worship Service and the final preparations are […]

El Mensaje
¿Es Puesta de Dios Necesario? (Is God’s Commissioning Necessary?)

Muchos creen que la Biblia es un libro abierto, que cualquier persona puede entender y predicar. […]

Are You Self-Centered or God-Centered?

Are You Self-Centered or God-Centered?  Everyone strives for happiness. In fact, most people these days are […]

I am INC
I am INC – Juanita Flippo

Having sewn her own dresses for many years, Juanita Flippo shows us why it’s important to always […]

Executive News
December 11, 2015 [Tagumpay 1]

A week after visiting the local congregation of Gen. T. De Leon, the Executive Minister, Brother […]

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Dear Mom and Dad

See what INCKids have to say about their Mom and Dad.

PSA – She Walks in Hope

This is for the countless officers who have dedicated a lifetime to performing their duty.

Inside Look
Inside Look – Gail Rivera

In this episode of Inside Look, you’ll see how chess brings this father and daughter closer […]