Executive News
Feature News: Capitol, Quezon City, Philippines

The last time that Brother Eduardo V. Manalo visited the local congregation of Capitol, their 3,000 […]

Executive News
Short News: August 29, 2015 [Capitol, Quezon City, Philippines]

Two historical events in the Church were held at Capitol as the Executive Minister led an […]

Family Shows
Learn How to Play the Violin

Learn how to play the Violin with “Let’s Sing”. Stay tuned for more tutorials.

Church News
Special Report: Chapels built simultaneously with the Philippine Arena

During the years wherein the Philippine Arena was under construction – there was a multitude of additional […]

Executive News
Feature News: Hong Kong

Overcoming obstacles in serving God is nothing new for members of the Church Of Christ, especially […]

Executive News
Short News: August 23, 2015 [Hong Kong]

The Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led a worship service Evangelical Mission at AsiaWorld Expo […]

English Shows
Apostasy, Why Do I Need to Understand it?

Why is it so important for us to not only receive the evidence that an apostasy […]

Executive News
Feature News: Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines

The brethren in the local congregation of Antipolo are prime examples of the propagation of the […]

Executive News
Short News: August 14, 2015 [Antipolo, Rizal, Philippines]

Having been witnessed by brethren in 120 sites throughout the world, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo conducted […]