Executive News
Feature News: Kawasaki, Japan

Family. Unity. Brotherhood. Love. See how these things helped the brethren in Kawasaki achieve their ultimate […]

True Helpers of the Church Administration

Ministers of the Gospel, shepherds of the flock – they lead a life full of determination […]

Church News

Northeastern Seaboard, Mid-Atlantic and Southeastern Seaboard gather for the EVM Cup East Coast Edition, District Year […]

Executive News
December 26, 2015 [Kawasaki, Japan]

For the last worship service of the year 2015, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo visited the local […]

Family Shows
November Birthdays

HappyBirthdayINCKids!If it’s your birthday or you know someone celebrating his or her birthday, ask a parent to […]

English Shows
Coming Soon: INC Kids Tour 2016

Music, Games and Prizes! The INC Kids Tour is making a stop in the following districts: Northern […]

El Mensaje
Conociendo al Verdadero Dios (Knowing the True God)

Todas las personas buscan adquirir conocimientos en este mundo. ¿Qué conocimientos debe uno buscar según la […]

Inside Look
Devon Smith

Take an inside look at this athlete’s will, strength and determination.

English Shows
INC Kids Birthdays

INCKids Birthday Form.