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Behind the Scenes: Time to Draw LIVE – Philippines

Check out the Behind the Scenes of Time to Draw Live Philippines edition!

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Check incgiving.org/tools for all the resources you need for your next INCGiving activity.

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Why Doesn’t the Church Of Christ Use the Sign of the Cross?

What does the sign of the cross mean and symbolize? And why isn’t it practiced in the Church Of Christ? You asked, the Bible answers.

Church News
Performing Our Duty No Matter What

In the Ecclesiastical District of Hawaii-Pacific, members of the SCAN organization participate in a special gathering. Two SCAN members share the importance…

A Tired Mom’s Podcast helped me understand my husband

Being married for almost 25 years, Theda Pineda only now learns about her husband’s love language with the help of a few tired moms.

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Teaching The Gift Of Giving

As the 50th anniversary in the Far West approaches, members of the Church of Christ in […]

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Does Christ Know The Church Of Christ?

Does Christ know the Iglesia Ni Cristo? Is this church His Church? Does Christ acknowledge the members of this church as His?

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Feature News: Mindanao Avenue, Central

Having a stressful life and being persecuted because of your faith is hard to go through. Find out how Noel Cruz got through it in this Executive News feature.

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Feature News: Dinalupihan, Bataan

What do you do when life’s burdens get too heavy to bear? Find out how these fishermen remain firm in times of hardship.