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INCLIVE – Discovering Potential

INCLIVE – (Livelihood, Interaction, Values, Entertainment) one of the most anticipated annual event in the District of United Kingdom was held…

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Unity From Coast To Coast

Under highly competitive circumstances, the true meaning of the Unity Games never loses during the Canadian Nationals.

Executive News
August 20, 2017 [Tokyo, Japan]

After leading worship services in Australia, South Africa, and Malaysia, the Executive Minister visited brethren in Tokyo, Japan, as they commemorated their 40th anniversary as a local congregation.

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Time To Draw Live Broadcast

At the first ever Time To Draw Live Broadcast, young members of the Church artistically express themselves while coming together in faith.

Family Shows
Drawing Sheets for Time to Draw LIVE

Download and print these drawing sheets and then you are ready for “Time to Draw LIVE.” See you at the INCMS Headquarters or via Livestream. You can also tune in on

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Feature News: Ladybrand, South Africa

Within the past year, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) has changed the lives of thousands of South Africans. Watch and find out what they consider as the biggest change.

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Feature News: Ugong, Metro Manila East

A good family man believes that family and Church are not two conflicting responsibilities. Instead, fulfilling their duties to God results in a better family.

What Happens to Us After Death?

What happens to us after we die? Does anything happen beyond one’s last breath? You asked, the Bible answers.

Preaching Shows
Presión De Los Pares

Aprender a lidiar con la presión de grupo, de acuerdo con la Biblia.