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Harmony Through Competition

Church Of Christ members in Florida celebrate Christian music in a choral competition and one judge […]

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Is Changing Religions a Sin?

Are all religions the same? What should be one’s basis in choosing a religion? You asked, […]

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Giving A Life Line

One woman continues to speak of the importance of giving blood as members of the Church […]

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INCNews World: November 30, 2018

Watch stories from the house of worship dedication in Ridgecrest, California, and let’s also take a […]

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Showing Respect & Gratitude To Our Teachers

Linsey Garr and Maria Broadhead are deeply touched by the love and respect the INC Giving […]

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Working Hand In Hand For The Community

Brethren in Romford, United Kingdom work hand in hand in a clean-up drive to help their […]

Sweetie Coloring Pages

Get to color in your favorite Sheep! Sweetie! Take a photo with it, hashtag and tag […]

Natural Disasters: What’s the Plan?

Natural disasters are a part of life, but how can Christians prepare and deal with calamities?

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God’s Plan In My Life

The Church Of Christ continues to grow in Sarasota, Florida with a family man sharing the […]