Something Clicked

Stories of Faith, Article SOMETHING CLICKED It was 1979, Cynthia and Andy Castillo were young, married, […]

Church News
Neighborhood Appreciation in Flintshire, Wales

After the House of Worship dedication in Flintshire, which was led by the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo the members of the Church of Christ…

Church News
Proclaiming the True Faith

INC Members from around the world go out and share their faith. Baptisms are held in the district of Northeastern Seaboard and in the Nile River. Find out about the West Maui Earth Day Grocery Bag Project. Learn how to equip yourself for the allergy season.

Executive News
May 6, 2017 [Athens, Greece]

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the local congregation of Athens, Greece, Executive Minister, Brothers Eduardo Manalo led the brethren in a special worship service to the Lord God.

Church News
The Power of Music

See how Denisse Guillermo’s love for music plays a important role in her Christian life.

Family Shows
INC Kids On Tour: Northwest California [Though I’m Little]

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Hayward, California at the INC Kids On Tour.

Family Shows
Weekly Family Calendar

Keep your family schedule, appointments and devotional prayer organized in one weekly calendar from INC Kids. […]

Faith and Family
What do kids need most from parents? Tired Moms live taping

Tired Moms tackle what kids need most from parents during a live studio taping.

Executive News
Feature News: Flintshire, North Wales, United Kingdom

Flint native, Francis Martin, always dreamed of going abroad, but something happened that changed the course of his life forever.