What is the role of the husband and the wife in the family?

In a modern family the roles of the husband and wife can become entangled. But what are the roles of the husband and the wife in the family, according…

Family Shows
“We Are the Lights of the World” – INC Kids On Tour: Southwest California

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Southwest California at the INC Kids On Tour.

Church News
A Memorable Experience

The INC Kids in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California create lasting memories during their Bible Quiz Bee.

INC Giving Show

Congolese refugees of war adjust to new living in Canada – and are welcomed to their new community by volunteers. How can you reach out and welcome someone…

Church News
The Language of Coding

Meet a young woman from the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard who has a passion for coding.

Executive News
Feature News: Tuguegarao City, Philippines

Sister Sally says that a great harvest is the result of diligence. This is what she always does. She never complains, she just obeys the farmer’s discipline. Find out how.

Executive News
Feature News: Sta. Barbara, Bulacan, Philippines

Find out how an Iglesia Ni Cristo family deals with an unexpected test of faith in this Executive News Feature!

Cebuano Shows
Ang husto nga panglantaw kon muabot ang mga kalisod kinabuhi (The proper outlook when difficulties in life come )

Niining kinabuhia, adunay mga kahigayunan nga anaa kitay mga dilli maayong kasinatian.

Church News
Keeping busy in the work for the Lord

Winter Storm Stella doesn’t stop members of the Church of Christ from worshipping. A social media challenge encourages personal growth #LevelupNSD. A Busy mom in North Atlanta Georgia finds ways to help others share their faith