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God’s Sons and Daughters

There is a popular belief that all people are God’s children. This widespread belief is based […]

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The Real Reason the Iglesia Ni Cristo Spends on Houses of Worship.

Many churches today are closing their church doors for good. This is due to the overwhelming […]

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It’s that time of the year when young people look forward to dressing up in Halloween […]

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Judgment Day

Do you believe that this world is about to end because of the undeniable atrocities happening […]

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Jesus: God-Man?

Is the Lord Jesus Christ a man or is He God? Many believe that He is […]

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Apostasy, Why Do I Need to Understand it?

Why is it so important for us to not only receive the evidence that an apostasy […]

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Is Jesus God?

Many people believe that Jesus Christ is God. It is not surprising because that is what […]

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Priesthood, Nuns and the Eucharist

Catholics believe that their priests and nuns possess exceptional divine qualities and characteristics. One Catholic sacrament […]

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Lenten Season and Fasting

Every year, many Christian professing religions observe the Lenten season or Holy Week. Did the apostles […]