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What Happens After Death?

Is there life after death? Some people believe that life in this world is all that […]

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Christian Music That Matters

How is the Church of Christ using music to help people deal with the realities of […]

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Disease and Healing

No one will argue that in our modern day society, man’s knowledge has definitely increased. But […]

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Fighting Poverty

The Iglesia Ni Cristo’s dedication in giving aid and assistance to the less fortunate, and even […]

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Why God Allows Bad Things To Happen

Many people are aware of the devastating events that have happened and threaten to happen again […]

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Brainwashing Or Obeying God’s Commands?

The Iglesia Ni Cristo produced music video “Always Submit to the Church Administration” ( administration/) has […]

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The Rock

What is the rock foundation upon which the true Church of Christ has been built? Who […]

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God’s Sons and Daughters

There is a popular belief that all people are God’s children. This widespread belief is based […]

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The Real Reason the Iglesia Ni Cristo Spends on Houses of Worship.

Many churches today are closing their church doors for good. This is due to the overwhelming […]