English Shows
The Essential Truth for Salvation

The Church of Christ has experienced immense growth around the world. So why then, does the […]

English Shows
2014 Year-End Special

As most look back upon 2014, and look forward to 2015 – members of the Church […]

Cebuano Shows
The Real Winners

For some, winning is everything. But that all depends on what you win. What should we […]

Cebuano Shows
Before It’s Too Late

How can we use our time wisely according to the Holy Scriptures?

Cebuano Shows
Fight For Our Faith

Everyone fights for something – their family, their country, a cause. But as true Christians, what […]

French Shows
Those Who Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Will be Saved

Is simply professing faith in our Lord Jesus Christ enough in order to prove that we […]

Cebuano Shows
Man Needs to be Brought to Christ

Man needs to be in the true Church of Christ in order to render worship worthy […]

INC and the Bible
Why We Need the True Church of Christ

God wants all people to come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved. Because […]

INC and the Bible
Distinctions Between Our Lord God and Our Lord Jesus Christ

If everyone would rely solely on the Bible when it comes to the nature of our […]