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Good Preparation

A good sense of preparation plays a big part in overcoming the challenges of life. But the […]

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Don’t Waste Time

How can we use time wisely according to the teachings written in the Holy Scriptures?

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The True God Whom We Must Know and Have Faith In

To worship and serve the one true God is essential for salvation.

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Not By Faith Alone

Some believe that faith alone is sufficient for man to be saved, and that the Church […]

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The Absolute Oneness of the True God

There is only one God, in all place and at all times.

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Good Works That Will Not Be In Vain

Is it true that regardless of one’s religion or beliefs, a person will be saved if […]

European Languages
Those Who Have Hope and Those Who Have No Hope for Salvation

Who among those who hope for salvation will be disappointed in the end?

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Knowing God

The most important knowledge we should strive to learn is the knowledge about our Lord God.

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2014 Year End Special

New Year’s Resolutions: around the world people are deciding to improve their lives in one way […]