Cebuano Shows
Why Members of the Church of Christ Continue to Abound in Faith, Love and Hope

In a world filled with anxiety and calamity, why should we continuously abound in our faith […]

Why We Need to Enter the Church of Christ

We understand that to serve and worship God is man’s duty because it is for that […]

Cebuano Shows
God is the True Refuge

People have tried everything in their search for the solution to life’s problems. In spite of […]

English Shows
Our Present Life and the True Life

Life is precious, which is why we try our best to protect it. Some people focus on […]

Cebuano Shows
Not All Religions Are of God

There is a widespread belief that all religions belong to God, and that services rendered to God […]

Cebuano Shows
The God of Christ and of the True Christians

We need to recognize the one true God if we want to partake of eternal life. […]

European Languages
Those Who Will Enter the Kingdom of Heaven

Those who claim to have faith and render worship service to our Lord God and our […]

European Languages
Doing What is Good and Right

As members of the Church of Christ we cannot be discouraged when things in this life don’t […]

The Most Serious Problem and Its Solution

Why do we devote time and vigorously pursue the sacred mission of sharing our faith? While there […]