English Shows
Those Who Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

Is simply professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ enough in order to prove that we truly […]

Cebuano Shows
Why Members of the Church of Christ Continue to Abound in Faith, Love and Hope

In a world filled with anxiety and calamity, why should we continuously abound in our faith […]

Why We Need to Enter the Church of Christ

We understand that to serve and worship God is man’s duty because it is for that […]

European Languages
What People Must Choose

Mistakes are often realized in hindsight. But an oversight in decision making must not happen to […]

Cebuano Shows
God is the True Refuge

People have tried everything in their search for the solution to life’s problems. In spite of […]

El Mensaje
Lo Que es Tan Malo Sobre el Chisme? (What’s so Bad About Gossip?)

En la televisión y en la vida real, cotilleando parece ser una parte normal de la […]

INC International Edition
Why God Allows Bad Things To Happen

Many people are aware of the devastating events that have happened and threaten to happen again […]

English Shows
Our Present Life and the True Life

Life is precious, which is why we try our best to protect it. Some people focus on […]

Preaching Shows
The True Religion

Many are hoping for change and progress to alleviate their pains and sufferings. They believe that […]