Preaching Shows
How Can God Be The True Author Of The Bible

Why is God the true author of the Bible when He didn’t actually write it Himself? […]

English Shows
The Most Important Wisdom Needed

There have been great advancements in civilization because of the increase and progress of human knowledge. […]

African Shows
Keeping the Spiritual Fervor

Seeing the fulfillment of personal expectations is especially gratifying and often leads one to be strengthened […]

The Soul

Some believe that when a person dies their soul return to their relatives in an attempt […]

Cebuano Shows
Those Who Will Never Be Afraid No Matter What Happens in Their Life

As Judgment Day draws nearer, evil, poverty, and all other problems continue to escalate – this brings […]

INC International Edition
Fighting Poverty

The Iglesia Ni Cristo’s dedication in giving aid and assistance to the less fortunate, and even […]

Preaching Shows
What is the basis of your faith?

Many religious have various books which they base their faith upon. What is your book and […]

English Shows
Those Who Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ

Is simply professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ enough in order to prove that we truly […]

Cebuano Shows
Why Members of the Church of Christ Continue to Abound in Faith, Love and Hope

In a world filled with anxiety and calamity, why should we continuously abound in our faith […]