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Is Christmas in the Bible?

Why do some religions NOT celebrate Christmas? Why do all Jesus-branded religions celebrate Christmas when they […]

Face the Truth
The Truth About Halloween: Why Halloween is NOT for Me

In this first “Face the Truth: Kids Edition” find out why children in the Church of […]

Face the Truth
The Truth about God – Part I: The God of the Bible

God. People have been trying to describe Him paint Him and define Him from the very […]

Face the Truth
The Truth about God – Part III: Is the Trinity true or false?

Ask those who call themselves Christian who they believe God is and they’ll most likely tell […]

Truth Uncovered
Truth Uncovered: The Origin of Christ’s “Godhood”

What is the teaching of the Bible concerning the Lord Jesus Christ? Is the “Christ is […]

Truth Uncovered
Truth Uncovered: The Making of the Christ – is – God Doctrine

During the first century, the early Christians believed that Christ is man. Why then do many […]

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What does the Bible say about homosexuality and homosexual acts?

Face the Truth
Are You Headed in the Right Direction?

Have you ever been sure of something but in the end realized you were wrong? No […]

Face the Truth
The Real Image of Christ

What is the true Image of Christ according to the Bible?  From among the countless interpretations […]