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Being different and thriving

Can you be different and thrive both in the eyes of God and the eyes of […]

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What must I do to be saved?

The Bible’s teaching on what must be done in order to be saved.

Iglesia Ni Cristo Centennial Special

The importance and significance of the Centennial of the Church of Christ.

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Resolviendo Preocupaciones, Con Dios (Solving Worries in Life, With God)

El hombre no puede evitar encontrarse con problemas en esta vida. Pero en lugar de preocuparnos, […]

One True Church or Many?

Can all these Christian Churches today belong to Christ?

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Unusual Worship Trends and Practices

Can anyone just serve our Lord God anywhere and any way he wants to? There is […]

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Hollywood and Bible Epic Films

Are Hollywood’s depictions of Bible story films helpful or harmful?

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Spiritual But Not Religious

Can a person be truly spiritual without being religious? Does the Bible agree with the idea […]

INC International Edition

There is a growing trend called the COEXIST movement that promotes tolerance to all religions. You […]