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Who is the Real Mary, Mother of Jesus?

Catholics uphold Mary, the mother of Christ, in very high regard. For them, she is a […]

Preaching Shows
Making Difficult Decisions

When it comes to making difficult decisions in life, what should be our basis for making […]

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2014 Year-End Special

As most look back upon 2014, and look forward to 2015 – members of the Church […]

El Mensaje
La Fundación de La Verdadera Iglesia de Cristo (The Foundation of the True Church)

La Iglesia Católica cree que la Iglesia está fundada sobre Pedro Apóstol . ¿Es Pedro el […]

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The Real Winners

For some, winning is everything. But that all depends on what you win. What should we […]

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Should Christians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world and yet very few wonder and […]

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Before It’s Too Late

How can we use our time wisely according to the Holy Scriptures?

Cebuano Shows
Fight For Our Faith

Everyone fights for something – their family, their country, a cause. But as true Christians, what […]

Preaching Shows
Dealing with Peer Pressure

Learn how to deal with peer pressure, according to the bible.