Cebuano Shows
Finding the True Church

How can we make sure that the religion or church we belong to, is the true […]

INC and the Bible
The Bible

Most religions have a book on which they base their faith. Above all books, however, is […]

INC and the Bible
The True Knowledge About Our Lord Jesus Christ

Is your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ based on the Bible?

German Shows
Celebrate Our Faith

The faith that the members of the Church of Christ share is something celebrated and enjoyed […]

English Shows
Who Is The Real Jesus?

Jesus Christ has been the subject of lots of movies, television programs, musicals, books, and magazine […]

English Shows
Why God Sent Christ

The purpose of God in sending Christ and how we can benefit from it.

Preaching Shows
Staying Positive / True Religion / Born Again

How do you stay positive in today’s world? Do you have to be born again to […]

Preaching Shows
Money: Solving a common family problem

Wise and proper budgeting of the household income. Show/Hide Transcription Our life in this world is […]

El Mensaje
El Origen de la Iglesia Católica, Parte Dos (The Origin of the Catholic Church, Part Two)

La diferencia entre la Iglesia edificada por Cristo y la Iglesia del diablo. Los dos caracteristicas […]