INC International Edition
God’s Sons and Daughters

There is a popular belief that all people are God’s children. This widespread belief is based […]

INC International Edition
Misconceptions about the Iglesia Ni Cristo

When people see something they know little about, the tendency is to give one’s own opinion […]

Preaching Shows

In a life that is full of hardships, distress, and pressures, many people look to things […]

Preaching Shows

Being thankful to God is something that one should not neglect. This episode will teach us […]

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Keeping a Positive Mind in a Negative World

Find out how you can keep a positive mind in a negative world.

Preaching Shows
Choosing The Right Friends

Find out how we can choose the right friends, according to the Bible. Show/Hide Transcription Our […]

Preaching Shows
Why have so many people taken interest in the Bible when it is just a book?

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El Mensaje
La destrucción que afectó a los que no escucharon la advertencia del Mensajero de Dios (The Destruction That Befell Those Who Did Not Heed the Warning of God’s Messenger)

La Biblia nos habla de una gran destrucción, si no prestamos atención a la advertencia del […]

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Is Jesus God?

Many people believe that Jesus Christ is God. It is not surprising because that is what […]