INC and the Bible
Why Members of the Church of Christ Continue to Abound in Faith, Love and Hope

People live in poverty, misery and anxiety throughout the world. It would seem strange then that […]

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All around the world, tragic events are happening now more than ever. These calamities that happen […]

European Languages
Sie, Die Behaupten, Gott zu Kennen (Those Who Claim to Know God )

Es ist die Pflicht der Menschheit, Gott zu erkennen. Es ist unsere Pflicht weil Er uns […]

INC and the Bible
La Salvación por Ser “Bueno” (Salvation For Being “Good”)

Algunos creen que siempre y cuando una persona es básicamente buena, cree en Dios y no […]

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That’s in the Bible

What does the Bible say about the instabilities in the world today?

INC International Edition
Misconceptions On Getting to Heaven

How can a person get to heaven according to the teachings of the Bible?

Preaching Shows

We all have expectations in life that certain things will happen. Our expectations have potential to […]

INC International Edition
Finding the True Church

With so many churches, religions and faiths to choose from, how can you know which one […]

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The Purpose of Inviting People to Listen to God’s Words

Pourquoi évangélisons ou partageons-nous notre foi avec les autres quand beaucoup pensent qu’ils servent et adorent […]