Cebuano Shows
The Real Winners

For some, winning is everything. But that all depends on what you win. What should we […]

Cebuano Shows
Before It’s Too Late

How can we use our time wisely according to the Holy Scriptures?

Cebuano Shows
Fight For Our Faith

Everyone fights for something – their family, their country, a cause. But as true Christians, what […]

French Shows
Those Who Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ Will be Saved

Is simply professing faith in our Lord Jesus Christ enough in order to prove that we […]

Cebuano Shows
Man Needs to be Brought to Christ

Man needs to be in the true Church of Christ in order to render worship worthy […]

INC and the Bible
Why We Need the True Church of Christ

God wants all people to come to the knowledge of the truth and be saved. Because […]

INC and the Bible
Distinctions Between Our Lord God and Our Lord Jesus Christ

If everyone would rely solely on the Bible when it comes to the nature of our […]

Cebuano Shows
Growing Hope in God

Faced with disasters and calamities, true relief comes from having hope in our Lord God.

INC and the Bible
Two Kinds of Wealth (Part 2)

What are the two kinds of wealth in this world and which one should people strive […]