INC and the Bible
La Salvación por Ser “Bueno” (Salvation For Being “Good”)

Algunos creen que siempre y cuando una persona es básicamente buena, cree en Dios y no […]

French Shows
The Purpose of Inviting People to Listen to God’s Words

Pourquoi évangélisons ou partageons-nous notre foi avec les autres quand beaucoup pensent qu’ils servent et adorent […]

INC and the Bible
La Reencarnación: Real o Imaginario? (Reincarnation: Real or Imagination?)

Is there really such a thing as reincarnation? Were we someone else somewhere in the past […]

INC and the Bible
Those Who Have Hope For Salvation

Those who have hope for salvation and those who don’t – which group do you belong to? […]

French Shows
The Most Serious Problem and its Solution

Among all the serious problems in the world – war, poverty, violence – some would ask, why […]

German Shows
The Basis for Man to Be Saved by Christ

There are those who believe that the basis for man’s salvation on the Day of Judgment […]

Cebuano Shows
The Belief in the Pre-Existence of Christ is Unbiblical

For those who erroneously believe that Christ is God in the form of man, they assume […]

English Shows
The Most Important Wisdom Needed

There have been great advancements in civilization because of the increase and progress of human knowledge. […]

African Shows
Keeping the Spiritual Fervor

Seeing the fulfillment of personal expectations is especially gratifying and often leads one to be strengthened […]