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Ce qu’il faut faire pour être certain de reçevoir le salut (What Needs to be Done in Order to Be Certain of Receiving Salvation)

(Receiving salvation shouldn’t be a hit-or-miss careless endeavor – it should be something approached with certainty. Does the Bible teach the right way for man to be certain of receiving salvation?)

INC International Edition
A Church That Cares

What does the Church Of Christ do to help those who are in the grips of hardship and poverty?

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Undangon ang binata nga pamaagi sa pagkinabuhi (Put Away Childish Ways)

We spend so much time being certain of things in life – our career, investments, family decisions. But when it comes to our relationship with God and religious decisions, it seems for many their mature decision-making process is disregarded and many maintain a status quo. Shouldn’t religious decisions to be met with the same maturity as other life decisions?

INC and the Bible
Sobre el matrimonio (About Marriage)

La humanidad ha establecido instituciones culturales para servir como sus influencias civilizadoras, incluyendo sanciones y restricciones […]

El Mensaje
Soy De Iglesia De Cristo – Ryan Cabras

Un joven nacido sorda comparte cómo puede entender y sentir el amor de Dios. A young […]

INC International Edition
Numbing the Pain

1 out of 10 Americans are on some kind of anti-depressant. Others turn to alcohol or […]

INC and the Bible
Put Away Childish Ways

People try to be sure about everything, and don’t leave their lives up to luck, happenstance, […]

INC International Edition
Knowing the True God

When you hear the word “God” what do you think of? Who or what comes to […]

El Mensaje
Organizar Sus Prioridades (Organizing Your Priorities)

Tomar tiempo para organizar sus prioridades requiere mucho pensamiento. Nuestra máxima prioridad determina todo lo demás […]