English Shows
In His Hands (A capella)

“In His Hands” Original Music, Arrangement and Lyrics by: Brother Genesis Mendoza Arrangement and Vocals by: Montclair A capella Group Produced by: INC Media Services – Southern California

Music Shows
“Keep My Eyes Towards Heaven” & “Abound”

A band from Eastern Canada performs 2 songs on the Band Together Project. Watch Lumière add Reggae and Latin flavors to their renditions of “Keep My Eyes Towards Heaven” and “Abound”.

Music Shows
Say A Prayer To The Father

We head back to Eastern Canada to meet a trio as they perform a moving rendition […]

Band Together
Call For Strength

From Southeast California’s Band Together concert, “Faith Lifts Off”, we meet We Are Echoes who perform […]

Music Shows
Smile, You Chosen

A band from San Francisco, California perform a soulful rendition of “Smile, You Chosen”.

Music Shows
Finding God’s Love All Over The World

Watch bands from Canada and Australia sing about recognizing God’s miracles and gaining hope at exactly […]

Iglesia Ni Cristo Music Videos
CMV We’re INC For Life – Kinetic Typography

“We’re INC For Life” Composed by: Micheal Manuntag, Io Apelacio, Dayan Dpelacio and Nikki McLaughlin Music […]

Music Shows
“Around the World” and “God Makes Miracles”

Members of the Church Of Christ in Australia recently celebrated their 40th Anniversary. Four young performers […]

Music Shows
I Was Lost, Now I’m Found

Another band from Eastern Canada uses a mix of rock and jazz for their rendition of […]