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What Really Matters

Life is hard. And a hard life made Isaiah long for a successful future. He wanted […]

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Finding God: Knowing Where to Look

Trauma left Teresa feeling let down, so she turned away from God. Now a mother, she […]

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Letting God Fill the Void

Feeling empty can sometimes bring you to dark places in life. For Mitchell, an unexpected friendship […]

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Cecilio & Norma Acuña

Cecilio and Norma Acuña didn’t hear God’s calling to join the Church Of Christ like most […]

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Safekeeping: The Aftermath

Facing the largest mass shooting in modern American history, thousands of members of the Church Of […]

We Gave it a Chance

How many times have you received a flyer tucked under your windshield for a service or […]

Featured-Stories of Faith
Hunter Family

God is the ultimate builder of our family — a lesson the Hunters learned when medical concerns…

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Stories of Faith: Never Too Late to Learn (Podcast)

A retired military man stationed in Japan thought he knew about religion, a former Baptist and Presbyterian. Until he was introduced…

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: The Power of True Prayer (Podcast)

Feeling that the repetitiveness of praying the Rosary has no value, a young man comes to […]