Executive News
2016 Year End Special

Before looking into what 2017 has in store for you, take a look back at what […]

Executive News
Feature News: Pangasinan West

“From my grandparents, parents and even down to us–our faith hasn’t changed.” Learn and be the […]

Sharing the Warmth

It was snowy with a wind chill about -30 degrees Celsius [-22 Fahrenheit] outside. It was […]

INC Giving Show
In Focus – INCGiving For Winter Living, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Serving neighbors with much needed winter apparel gave everyone who showed up extra warmth.

Executive News
December 31, 2016 [Moscow, Russia]

On December 31, 2016, a historical event took place as the Executive Minister of the Church […]

INC Giving Show
Wading Through Disasters: Alongside Our Neighbors

When Alderson, Virginia and Baton Rouge, Louisiana each hit a point of crisis – the INCGiving […]

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: A Fight For His Life (Podcast)

A man regains what he’s lost, by fighting for it. This is Raymond Ang’s Story Of […]

I am INC
I am INC – Isaac Carter

Meet a top pastry chef who’s found the recipe for a blessed life. Show/Hide Transcription “In […]

Family Shows
Stories of Faith: Truly Amazed (Podcast)

From the moment she walks into the Church Of Christ, Sherry is amazed at what she […]