The Details That Make the Building

Shooting the show Blueprint has given me the opportunity to explore 7 different houses of worship, […]

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Jason Pablo – The Sweetest Lemonade

Jason Pablo discovers that he may not have control over his life, but he does have control over the way he prays and what he prays for…

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Emirick Juatco – Raising an autistic child

Emirick Haro finds purpose when she shifts her perspective about her autistic son.

Faith Speaks
[Faith Speaks] Marcus Padilla – Faith & Football

Marcus Padilla shares his passion for his faith, the game of football and the greatest lessons he has learned.

Executive News
June 10, 2017 [Severina 18, Metro Manila South]

After leading the brethren in a worship service in Ansan, South Korea, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led another worship service in Severina 18, Parañaque, Philippines.

INC Giving Show
Kind Kids – A Vacation of Kindness

Young minds with big hearts – these brothers have grown up learning the value of doing good to others through acts of kindness.

Executive News
Feature News: Ansan, South Korea

When working in a foreign land, away from one’s family, what’s the most difficult thing? Is it the work? Is it the loneliness?
Whatever the case may be, members of the Church Of Christ in South Korea have learned to hold on to what gives them strength especially amidst the most trying situations.

Executive News
May 28, 2017 [Ansan, South Korea]

After a series of Pastoral Visits in Europe, The Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo Manalo led the brethren in Ansan, South Korea in a worship service to the Lord God.

A Stronger Connection in the Silicon Valley

In a region full of innovation, find out how a new worship building in the Silicon Valley is reconnecting people.