Executive News
Feature News: Macabud, Rizal, Philippines

With 350 houses of worship constructed by the Church Of Christ in the year 2016 alone, […]

Executive News
December 17, 2016 [Napindan, Taguig, Philippines]

As the end of the year draws near, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led the brethren in […]

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Feature News: Tiaong, Bulacan, Philippines

The legacy left by pioneering Church members in Tiaong, Bulacan was a legacy grounded in resiliency […]

INC Giving Show
In Focus – Firefighters Appreciation, Houston Texas

A Houston fire station gets a visit from volunteers with tokens of appreciation for the much […]

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Feature News: Sampaloc, Manila, Philippines

Who do you consider as your role model in life–someone who inspires you, guides you and […]

Inspiring Shows
Stories of Faith: Meaningful Prayer (Podcast)

One does not realize the value of prayer until he or she finds the true religion. […]

INC Giving: Geared Up

Members from New Mexico and Colorado congregations teamed up to organize free School Supplies and a […]

Executive News
December 11, 2016 [Special Gathering of Ministers]

On December 11, 2016, the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led a special gathering for […]

Executive News
December 9, 2016 [Alaminos, Pangasinan West]

A week before the Church’s annual Thanksgiving, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led the brethren in the […]