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I am INC – Leo Talento

Achieving his dreams, a video game developer shows his gratitude – not only passing on his gifts to others – but acknowledging how his dreams were truly…

INC Giving Show
Helping Hand for the Overwhelmed

Coping with the largest flood in more than 40 years, the people of Gatineau are overwhelmed […]

INC Giving Show
“Elders are today’s heroes”

Each individual present that day might agree with this statement and each might have their own […]

INC Giving Show
In Focus: Uplifting Hope Down Under

Inundated by flood waters, residents in Lismore, Australia get the help and encouragement they need to keep themselves afloat. Visit incgiving.org and ACT now.

Executive News
July 07, 2017 [Maliwalo, Tarlac Central]

The Executive Minister of the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ), Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, officiated a worship service in the local congregation of Maliwalo in commemoration of their 90th anniversary.

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In Focus : Access To Hope – MacArthur Park, Los Angeles

MacArthur Park is in Central Los Angeles, California. It has a highly dense population and the neighborhood is plagued by street dangers and homelessness…

Executive News
June 30, 2017 [Pinugay Rizal]

Revisiting the District of Rizal, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo dedicates another House of Worship to the Almighty God and launches the New Era University’s College of Agriculture.

What makes it the “right” place?

Is there such a thing as the “right” place? See how the search for a permanent place of worship brought together a congregation and a community.

Executive News
Feature News: Severina 18, Metro Manila South

The recent tragedies around the world have claimed many lives and has displaced thousands of families. Amidst these events, Executive Minister of the Church Of Christ, Brother Eduardo Manalo, delivers a message of hope.