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Raymond Ang

A man regains what he’s lost, by fighting for it. Show/Hide Transcription Raymond: Back then, the […]

Executive News
Feature News: Bakersfield, California

Problems, hardships, threats, and accusations don’t stand a chance against true members of the Church Of […]

Executive News
February 20, 2016 [Bakersfield, California]

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA – the first house of worship dedication officiated by the Executive Minister in the […]

I am INC
I am INC – James Raiz

Though always recognized for his creations, an accomplished artist always recognizes the Creator who makes it all […]

INC Giving Show
Giving In Action: Pohnpei Adopt-A-Library

The Ohwa Village school library has now reopened, thanks to INCGiving volunteers in Pohnpei, Micronesia. See […]

Executive News
Feature News: Fremont, California

Is it possible for the youth of this day to be religious and Godly? Watch how […]

Executive News
February 13, 2016 [Fremont, California]

FREMONT, CALIFORNIA – the first stop of the Executive Minister in his first series of pastoral […]

How To: Find Your Passion in Volunteering

How To: Find Your Passion in Volunteering In most, if not all communities, finding volunteer opportunities […]

Community Connection: Heroes Appreciation in Huntsville, Alabama Volunteers

Community Connection:  Heroes Appreciation in Huntsville, Alabama It has been said that when it snows heavily […]