Executive News
February 18, 2017 [Kawit, Cavite Philippines]

The Executive Minister visits the brethren of the local congregation of Kawit, Ecclesiastical District of Cavite North as they celebrate their 80th anniversary.

Inspiring Shows
El Coro – Singing Praises in Mexico City

In preparation for Mexico’s first visit from Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, Southern California Choir Director Emilie Juatco reflects on the origins of the volunteer choir who traveled and witnessed the growth of the INC in the country.

Executive News
Feature News: Park Ridge, IL, U.S.A.

The past six weeks in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) have been nothing less than historic. What have others been saying about it? What is there to know about the Church Of Christ? Find out the answers and more in this episode of the Executive News.

Executive News
February 11, 2017 [Sta. Barbara, Bulacan, Philippines]

After a series of historical pastoral visits abroad, the Executive Minister does not stop in seeing to the spiritual needs of the brethren. This time in the local congregation of Sta. Barbara, Bulacan North.

Inspiring Shows
A Homecoming

Upon meeting Executive Minister Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, elderly couple Tomas and Conchita Becerril, are invited […]

El Mensaje
El Regreso

La pareja mayor Tomás y Conchita Becerril están invitados a regresar a su tierra natal en la Ciudad de México. Nos muestran que nunca es demasiado tarde para que los sueños se hagan realidad.

Executive News
Feature News: Universal City, Texas, U.S.A.

When a community of churchgoers unites for a common goal the result is nothing short of […]

Executive News
Feature News: Mexico City, Mexico

There are some Mexicans who in the face of hardship, never lost hope. Find out why […]

Executive News
February 4, 2017 [Park Ridge, IL, U.S.A.]

PARK RIDGE, IL – Yet another house of worship was dedicated to the Almighty God in […]