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May 14, 2016 [Pililla, Rizal, Philippines]

In commemoration of the 87th anniversary of the local congregation of Pililla, Rizal, the Executive Minister, […]

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Having used his music for self-expression, a young Australian would use that same musical talent to […]

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Steps Toward Recovery

Fire victims at three evacuation centers across Alberta were met by members of the Iglesia ni […]

Helping Fort McMurray (Through the Eyes of A Volunteer)

On the afternoon of Tuesday, May 3, 2016, we received news that the residents of Fort […]

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Aid to Humanity for Fort McMurray Fire Victims.

In cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation, the INC has prepared thousands of good-will packages […]

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Finding Refuge From the Fire

Nearly 100,000 Canadians in Alberta were forced to leave their homes and belongings behind last week […]

Executive News
May 10, 2016 [Tabernacle, Quezon City, Philippines]

In commemoration of the 130th Birth Anniversary of God’s Messenger, Brother Felix Manalo, the Church Of […]

Executive News
May 7, 2016 [Templo Central, Quezon City, Philippines]

In commemoration of the 32nd anniversary of the construction of the Central Temple, Brother Eduardo V. […]

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An Unexpected Gift

A young woman’s entire future is at stake and close friends offer their help – all of […]