Executive News
March 31, 2016 [Jerusalem, Israel]

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of establishment of the local congregation of Jerusalem, Israel, the […]

INC Giving Show
INCGiving Project Launched in South Dakota

The INCGiving Project in South Dakota was launched on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation near the […]

Community Connection: ‘Gratitude Attitude’ Shared with Local Heroes

Community Connection: ‘Gratitude Attitude’ Shared with Local Heroes When police officers and firefighters receive a call, they expect […]

Executive News
March 19, 2016 [Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada]

In a visit to the ecclesiastical district of Central Canada, historic firsts for the Church Of […]

Executive News
January Recap

A brief reflection on the continuing successes of the Church Of Christ though the leadership of […]

Executive News
Feature News: Lubbock, Texas

How far are members of the Church Of Christ willing to go for their membership? In […]

Executive News
March 12, 2016 [Jersey City, New Jersey]

In his pastoral visitation to the local congregation of Jersey City, New Jersey the Executive Minister […]

Inspiring Shows
Michael Soares

A man lost everything and in his pursuit to achieve past success, discovers something more valuable. Show/Hide […]

Executive News
March 5, 2016 [South Jacksonville, Florida]

Another house of worship was dedicated to the Almighty God in this series of pastoral visitations […]