Contributing to Releaf Efforts

Nine year old Noelani sees wild blackberry bushes growing everywhere in her neighborhood, and every summer […]

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Feature News: Moscow, Russia

New Year’s Eve 2016 – marks the end of the year, 2016, and the start of […]

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January 7, 2017 [Rio de Janeiro, Brazil]

To start off the new year 2017, Brother Eduardo Manalo made history yet again, by visiting […]

Inspiring Shows

He thought he had all the facts; but even after years of studying the Bible, finding […]

The Best of the INCGiving Show 2016

The Best of the INCGiving Show 2016 And here we are: Top Ten INCGiving Show Webisodes […]

Caring For Our Coastline

Partnering with the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean Up, the #INCGiving volunteers in Victoria, British Columbia participated […]

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2016 Year End Special

Before looking into what 2017 has in store for you, take a look back at what […]

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Feature News: Pangasinan West

“From my grandparents, parents and even down to us–our faith hasn’t changed.” Learn and be the […]

Sharing the Warmth

It was snowy with a wind chill about -30 degrees Celsius [-22 Fahrenheit] outside. It was […]