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Featured News: Mountain View, California, U.S.A.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – in a time where closing churches has become the norm, one church […]

Executive News
January 21, 2017 [Mexico City, Mexico]

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO – The Executive Minister conducts first Pastoral Visitation to Mexico. Please stay tuned […]

INC Giving Show
Native American Lands : INCGiving Reaches Out

Through school supplies, winter goods, or the preaching of the gospel, whatever is needed, the volunteers […]

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In Retrospect: EVM Awards 2016

Expressing their faith through different mediums, members of the Church Of Christ all over the world […]

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In Retrospect: Kaunlaran, Manila, Philippines

For Peter Granada, maturity wasn’t just a matter of changing his attitude and conduct, but more […]

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Feature News: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

The first ever pastoral visit to Brazil by the Executive Minister and the first encounter of […]

What makes a landmark?

What makes a building worthy to be called a landmark? The answer will surprise you. Find […]

INC Giving Show
In Focus – The Gift of Warmth and Faith, Long Island City, NY

A good jacket can keep you protected from the cold- and helping your fellowmen can keep […]

Executive News
January 15, 2017 [Mountain View, California, U.S.A.]

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA – the first house of worship dedication officiated by the Executive Minister in […]