INC Giving Show
In Focus: Teachers’ Appreciation Day 2016, Heathrow, United Kingdom

Parent and Youth volunteers of the Church of Christ in Heathrow, United Kingdom express their appreciation […]

Idea: Help Students Success In School

Whether it’s back to school time or even in the middle of the school year, there […]

Aid for Humanity
Appreciation and Thankfulness: During Disasters or Everyday

During the historic 2016 fires in Alberta, Canada, tens of thousands of residents were evacuated, and […]

Uplifted and Much Appreciated: A Teacher’s Perspective

The opportunity to be part of Teacher Appreciation Day, Thursday, 14th of July 2016, was an […]

INC Giving Show
INCGiving, In Focus – Back To School Southern California

A retiring educator gets a visit from a former student who went back to school to […]

INC Giving Show
The Hope Brigade: Helping victims of Historic Louisiana Floods

Over 60,000 homes in Louisiana were damaged or destroyed by terrible floods. Volunteers from the Southeastern […]

INC Giving Show
INC Prepares Relief Goods for Louisiana Flood Victims

INCGiving Volunteers across the Southeast, United States spent this week packing 1,000 relief packages for flood-ravaged […]

Planting for the Future

July 31st, 2016 was Australia’s National Tree Day and members of the Church Of Christ from […]

Love For Our Teachers

It’s June and the school year was almost over. As many youngsters and students were already […]