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Responding to the Call of Canadian Blood Services

Canadian Blood Services urgently request for blood donors and INC Giving Volunteers step up.

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Hospitality at Its Best

Jandae Matthews feels the great hospitality of INC Giving Volunteers during the Neighborhood Appreciation Day in Oxnard, California

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Donating Blood: A Priceless Gift

Donating blood is a priceless gift, nobody knows this more than Connie Rosales.

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

When a blood donation drive was held in Long Island City, neighbors did not hesitate to […]

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INC Giving Through The Years In Hawaii

INC Giving efforts in Hawaii are recognized

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Bringing Educators And The Community Together

Educators in Orlando, Flordia are shown gratitude for their service in the community.

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Riley Kawi Thanks Her Heroes

Little Riley Kawi gets to meet her neighborhood heroes during the Firefighter Appreciation Day in Fremont, […]

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Responding To Ellicott City Flood

The hours, even minutes, after a disaster are critical. So INC Giving Volunteers from Baltimore, Maryland […]

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Help for Isabel Hospice

Watch as INC Giving Volunteers in Hertfordshire, England offer what they have to help the Isabel […]