INC Giving Show
Joining Together To Do Good

Community service – many people feel it is their civic duty to be productive and helpful […]

INC Giving Show
Giving in action – Jenica Samiley, Miles to Smiles

In this Giving in Action feature, see how a dental hygienist travelled miles around the world […]

INC Giving Show
Giving In Action – Spotlight

Doctors and Nurses appreciation in multiple sites across Southern California; Police and Fire Appreciation in Cincinnati, […]

INC Giving Show
Ways to Share: Donating From What We Have

Most of us manage like we’re living day by day, paycheck to paycheck with not a […]

INC Giving Show
Giving In Action – Naeemah Waleed, Another Year to Give

While most people celebrate their birthdays by doing something special for themselves, Naeemah Waleed decided to […]

INC Giving Show
In Focus : Doctor and Nurse Appreciation, Southern California

Although it is their job, doctors, nurses and medical staff sacrifice for the health and welfare […]

INC Giving Show
Bringing Stories to Life

15-year-old Mike Legaspi spent his recent vacation volunteering as part of the Pohnpei Public Library Summer […]

INC Giving Show
Giving In Action

Young volunteers from INC Project Runway in Vallejo, California; Clothing distribution in Maseru, Africa; Western Canada […]

Aid for Humanity
In Focus: Helping Rodeo, California

A member of the Church of Christ name Delia and a volunteer at the Rodeo YMCA […]