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Helping Hardworking Families

Field workers in Calistoga, California receive help and encouragement from their neighborhood INC Giving Volunteers

INC Giving Show
Partners in Kind : Doing Good Together

We love to partner with organizations to do good to those who need it. Hear what organizations that we have partnered with have to say about the efforts…

INC Giving Show
Helping Hand for the Overwhelmed

Coping with the largest flood in more than 40 years, the people of Gatineau are overwhelmed […]

INC Giving Show
“Elders are today’s heroes”

Each individual present that day might agree with this statement and each might have their own […]

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In Focus: Uplifting Hope Down Under

Inundated by flood waters, residents in Lismore, Australia get the help and encouragement they need to keep themselves afloat. Visit and ACT now.

INC Giving Show
In Focus : Access To Hope – MacArthur Park, Los Angeles

MacArthur Park is in Central Los Angeles, California. It has a highly dense population and the neighborhood is plagued by street dangers and homelessness…

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For the Love of Knowledge : Supporting Education Achievements

Meet volunteers from different corners of the world who made a choice to overlook the mounting obstacles that stood in their way – they focused on the…

Thank a Teacher

Name your favorite teacher. Can you picture them in your mind? Why are they your favorite?

INC Giving Show
Kind Kids – A Vacation of Kindness

Young minds with big hearts – these brothers have grown up learning the value of doing good to others through acts of kindness.