I am INC

Chasing his dream across the country, a young man living on his own for the first […]

I am INC
I am INC – Louis Valledor

A young drummer lives out his dream and forges new friendships along the way.

I am INC
I am INC – Maureen Esperanza

A basketball fan’s dream comes true when she is able to meet her favorite player and team […]

I am INC
I am INC – James Raiz

Though always recognized for his creations, an accomplished artist always recognizes the Creator who makes it all […]

I am INC
I am INC – Marcus Padilla

When a young man is blessed with his dream job, he learns to treasure his membership in […]

I am INC
I am INC – Chris & Rachel Pangilinan

A young, adventurous couple has discovered something people all over the world search for the secret to […]

I am INC
I am INC – Juanita Flippo

Having sewn her own dresses for many years, Juanita Flippo shows us why it’s important to always […]

I am INC
I am INC – Joel Naval

A man realizes that the gift of life truly comes from God.

Featured-Church News
I am INC – Ryan Cabras

A young man born deaf shares how he can understand and feel God’s love.