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Featured News: Pateros, Manila, Philippines

Is the youth still the hope of the nation as Rizal once said it was? Find […]

Centennial Featured
August 16 [Pateros, Manila, Philippines]

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of establishment of the local congregation of Pateros, the Executive […]

Executive News Centennial Series (part 1)

Catch the extraordinary events−and their significance−that led up to the centennial of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, […]

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Featured News: Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines

Learn what’s new about Pampanga — the very first Ecclesiastical District established by God’s Messenger in […]

Centennial Featured
August 8 [Arayat, Pampanga, Philippines]

In the local congregation of Arayat, in the new ecclesiastical district of Pampanga East, the 100th […]

Centennial Featured
August 1 [Tondo, Manila, Philippines]

Before they travel back to their respective countries, brethren who had come to the Philippines for […]

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Featured News: Pineda, Manila, Philippines

What are Iglesia Ni Cristo members focused on, even more than the centennial anniversary of the […]

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Featured News: Central Temple, Quezon City, Philippines

Nearing its 30th Anniversary, the Central Temple received a new feature, to improve the quality of […]

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Featured News: Caloocan, Manila, Philippines

When it comes to their service to God, true Church Of Christ members have made the […]