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September 22 [Heathrow, London, England]

Ministers around the world together with their wives were gathered for the first time in the […]

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Featured News: Belfast, Northern Ireland

Watch for our feature and learn the history and establishment of the first house of worship […]

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September 20 [Belfast, Ireland]

The dedication of the new house of worship in Belfast, Ireland was led by the Executive […]

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Featured News: Zurich, Switzerland

What is more important than money and knowledge, education and work, wealth and health? Find out […]

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September 13 [Zurich, Switzerland]

The Executive Minister led a worship service in Zurich, Switzerland for the brethren in the ecclesiastical […]

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Featured News: Rome, Italy

Exactly five years since becoming the Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo led the 45th Ordination, […]

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September 7 [Rome, Italy]

In Southern Europe, the first ordination of new ministers and the inauguration of a new extension […]

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Featured News: King William’s Town, South Africa

Take a journey with us to South Africa and meet the brethren from King William’s Town.

Centennial Featured
August 30 [King William’s Town, South Africa]

More than 4,000 residents in South Africa attend the Executive Minister’s first pastoral visit in the […]