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Hope In Vanuatu

Amos Sam’s daughter suffers a burn from an accident, thankfully for him, The Iglesia Ni Cristo […]

50 West
50 Years in the West

July 27, 2018, the 104th Anniversary of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, Church of Christ, and the […]

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Access Emergency Center Receives Support

Access Emergency Center receives support from INCgiving volunteers in Windham, Connecticut

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Responding with Love in Seattle: Iglesia Ni Cristo responds to Arson Attack

Iglesia Ni Cristo members respond to attack on the worship building in Seattle with a community […]

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Working Together For A Better Tomorrow

Judy Klassen, a first Nation (Indigenous peoples) from Winnipeg teams up with the Jimi Cruz and […]

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Feature News: Washington D.C.

Countless people have traveled to the USA for better opportunities. For Ricardo Cabral, the move from Mexico meant leveling up in an unexpected way.

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Feature News: Johnsonville, Connecticut

Living a life without purpose is something no one should go through, but it’s a problem that’s all too familiar today. This is something that Erik Lachendro went through. But, was he able to find his purpose in life?

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Feature News: Toronto, Canada

When relying on his own instinct to get through life proved meaningless, Sabir Mufti came upon the one thing he needed to turn him in the right direction.

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Backpack Beginnings

Backpack Beginnings is an organization that provides comfort items to children in need.