Family Shows

Learn the meaning of unity and how we can be united as members of the Church […]

INC Kids
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Family Shows
A Day in the Life of My Parents.

See what it’s like one day in the life of this young boy and his parents.

Family Shows
September Birthdays

Happy Birthday INC Kids! If it’s your birthday or you know someone celebrating his or her birthday, […]

Family Shows
On the Go: Blood and Bone Marrow Drive

Let’s Sing is on the road at Northern California’s Blood and Bone Marrow Drive.

Family Shows
Learn How to Play the Violin: The Bow

Do you want to play the violin? Let’s learn together! Today we’ll learn more about the […]

Family Shows
Learn How to Play the Violin

Learn how to play the Violin with “Let’s Sing”. Stay tuned for more tutorials.

Family Shows
“Number 4 and Letter A”

“Learn to count up to 4, and the sound that the letter A makes”

Family Shows
Remembering Brother Felix Y. Manalo

Why is it important to remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo and his work? Find out in […]