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Sweetie Says: Patience

What does Sweetie say about patience? What is it and why should we have it?

Faith and Family
3 parenting methods to leave to the husbands

There are 3 parenting methods we should leave to the dads because as heads of households, they are just more effective at it than moms are…

5 Things my kids have taught me

Here’s five stories that will crack me up until the day my kids have kids. In […]

The Encouraging Wife

The Encouraging Wife Non-examples, examples and six tips to help a wife be her husband’s full […]

Family Shows
INC Kids Remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo

Remember Brother Felix Y. Manalo with INC Kids.

Family Shows
INC Kids On Tour: Northwest California [Though I’m Little]

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Hayward, California at the INC Kids On Tour.

Weekly Family Calendar

Keep your family schedule, appointments and devotional prayer organized in one weekly calendar from INC Kids. […]

Faith and Family
What do kids need most from parents? Tired Moms live taping

Tired Moms tackle what kids need most from parents during a live studio taping.

Family Shows
Time to Draw: Up in the Air

It’s time to draw! Learn how to draw a bird and and an airplane with artist, James Raiz.