A Tired Mom’s Podcast helped me understand my husband

Being married for almost 25 years, Theda Pineda only now learns about her husband’s love language with the help of a few tired moms.

Helping Our Children Deal With Faith Differences

There is No Holiday from Faith Instruction I’ll never forget the day my son stood up […]


  4 Important Prompts to Answer as You Set Goals as a Family   Helpful Questions […]

The Give and Take in Marriage

In the tug of war of reading between lines, and crossing the unspoken boundaries of brevity are two hungry people just trying to make a decision…

English Shows
How to Draw and Color a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Time to Draw goes LIVE! This time with the INC Kids in Metro Manila Philippines.Learn how to draw a Tarsier with professional artist, James Raiz…

English Shows
How to Color a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Watch this excerpt from the LIVE show of “Time to Draw,” and learn to color and shade a Tarsier drawing with artist, James Raiz.

Family Shows
How to Draw a Tarsier | Time to Draw LIVE

Watch this excerpt from “Time to Draw LIVE” and learn how to draw a Tarsier with artist, James Raiz.

INC Kids
How to Draw Chibi Style | Time to Draw

It’s Time to Draw with James! Learn how to draw an INC Kid Chibi style. Let’s color and shade it in, too!

Family Shows
Sweetie Says No to Christmas

What is Christmas? Should we celebrate Christmas? Find out in this “Sweetie Says”.