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Our Happily Ever After

Happily married couples share advice on staying in love.

How to Resolve Marriage Conflicts the Christian Way

In the midst of conflict, sometimes silence is the best option when we have to sort […]

Faith and Family
Podcast: Faith & Family Top 4 Questions Answered

This podcast explores questions like 1. How do you make connections with your children? What do you […]

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INC Family Hour Topic: What is Prayer?

What is prayer? What can we pray for? Get together with your family and discuss the […]

English Shows
Podcast: Adoption is an option

In this podcast we talk to the Hunters, a couple who had a difficult time conceiving. […]

Walk the Walk in the Midst of Trial

We get our tools for life during worship service. We go in there prepared: mind, heart […]

What is the INC Family Hour

When the Church Administration launched the Year of the family in 2000, it was a way […]

7 Prompts to Start a Faith Conversation

Remember when the relationship was new and you would spend hours and hours just talking about […]

Check Yo’Self: The Active and Open Conversation About Faith with Your Spouse

When you’re first getting to know each other it’s a blizzard of questions. You want to […]