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Eastern Canada Round Up

Several activities in Eastern Canada have the members of the Church Of Christ – young and […]

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Family Running With Faith

A family in Singapore join other members of the Church Of Christ on a day of […]

INCNews World
INCNews World: June 15, 2018

The INC gives aid to flash flood victims in Maryland; Village Chief in Africa joins the […]

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Parents’ Desire For Their Children

The Church Of Christ celebrates 100 years since the establishment of the Children’s Worship Service and […]

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Caring Community

Members of the Church Of Christ in Western Canada provide a sense of safety for homeless […]

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United in Growth

The Sacramento family shares how members united in preparation for the inaugural worship service of the […]

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United In Duty and Family

With communication being vital in family relationships, a family from Delta, Canada also show this through […]

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Clay and Play Day

INC Kids from the Ecclesiastical District of Central Canada, held a Clay and Play Day

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Continued Growth In the Far West

Growing up in Hawaii, Joji Guitang has witnessed the growth of the Church of Christ in […]