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Happy Together and Helping Others

Across Northern Europe, members of the Church Of Christ come together in activities to not only […]

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Battle Of Wits

Young members of the Church Of Christ in South East California battle it out in friendly […]

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To Go the Distance

Stress and anxiety can take a toll on one’s life, especially for young and developing teenagers. […]

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La Iglesia Que Cambiará El Mundo (The Church That Will Change The World)

La Iglesia De Cristo está transformando el mundo con actos caritativos y ayuda humanitaria. Observe como hermanos de […]

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There’s Time For Friends and Family

Leisure time may be a phrase lost in translation due to the hectic schedule of life […]

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A Light That Cannot Be Extinguished

A family in Markham, Canada, along with other members of the Church Of Christ, visit Fire […]

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Your Victory Is My Victory

A young woman shares how Church activities, such as The Unity Games, have always been an […]

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The Voice Of Splendid Fruit

Inspired by a special gathering of choir members, a young man reflects on the great gift […]

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James Raiz: Marvelous

Toronto artist, James Raiz, takes a leap to follow his creative dreams and finds unexpected attention […]