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Community Appreciation Week

The brethren from the Local Congregation of Singapore North distribute free coffee, tea and snacks to […]

Church News International
INC Kids On Tour: Southern Midwest

The seventh stop of the INC Kids On Tour is in the Southern Midwest

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Youth Special Gathering

Young members in the Ecclesiastical District of Australia West gather for a special worship service.

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Teamwork in Boston

The Local Congregation of Boston, Massachusetts work together to host their Unity Games for the Ecclesiastical […]

Church News
Choir Day in Barcelona

Choir members from all over the Ecclesiastical District of Southern Europe gather together in Barcelona, Spain […]

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Celebrating Tremendous Growth

Inaugural worship services are held across three different states in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California.

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Inaugural Worship Service in Camberwell

An extension in Camberwell, United Kingdom is established.

Church News

The Ecclesiastical District of Southeastern Seaboard holds a college & career fair.

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Strengthening Brotherhood

Brethren in Zurich, Switzerland spend quality time together to strengthen the love of brotherhood.