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Faith Speaks

“Faith Speaks” was held in Bridgeport, Connecticut in where individuals shared their stories and the importance of conversations with God.

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Strengthened Through Worship

Members of the Church Of Christ throughout the District of Japan united for a Special Worship Service amidst the impending danger of a natural calamity.

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Expression Of Love

The Church Of Christ extends its helping hand of love to those in dire need in the small village of Ladybrand, and the Capital of Lesotho, Maseru…

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Manukau Family Sportsfest

Families in Manukau, New Zealand come together to strengthen their physical well-being and their love for the brotherhood.

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Together Tonight

The members of the Church Of Christ from different parts of Ireland dined together and spent a night filled with smiles and laughter alongside their…

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Helping Those In Need

Reaching out to their fellowmen in need, the members of the Church Of Christ from A’ali […]

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Seminar For Missionary Workers

With the fast-paced and widespread propagation work in India, the Church Administration sends ministers to India to conduct a training seminar…

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Motivated by Faith

High school students under the age of 18 were recognized for their success in graduating. As they finish this stage of their life, they coninue…

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Blood Donation

Members of the Church Of Christ in Singapore do their part in doing good by helping […]