Family Shows
Letter to Teachers

Customize this letter for your INC Kid’s educator, and help them understand why we don’t celebrate […]

Church News
Hope During Uncertain Times

Members brought their guests to a three-day Bible presentation held throughout the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard to learn the true words of God.

Family Shows
“Members of the Church of Christ” – INC Kids On Tour: Alaska

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Alaska at the INC Kids On Tour.

Family Shows
“I’ll Share My Faith” – INC Kids On Tour: Northern Midwest

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Milwaukee, Wisconson and Chesterton, Indiana at the Northern Midwest INC Kids On Tour.

European Languages
Ce qu’il faut faire pour être certain de reçevoir le salut (What Needs to be Done in Order to Be Certain of Receiving Salvation)

(Receiving salvation shouldn’t be a hit-or-miss careless endeavor – it should be something approached with certainty. Does the Bible teach the right way for man to be certain of receiving salvation?)

Thank You For The Music, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo

Musicians, soloists, and choirs from around the world participated in the first ever Oratorio in 2014, a musical orchestra that showcased the classical side of INC Members. Listen to the struggle, triumphs, and gratitude of some of the musicians. And find out what inspired Brother Eduardo V. Manalo’s vision for the 2014 Oratorio.

Executive News
February 18, 2017 [Kawit, Cavite Philippines]

The Executive Minister visits the brethren of the local congregation of Kawit, Ecclesiastical District of Cavite North as they celebrate their 80th anniversary.

Family Shows
“My Family” – INC Kids On Tour: Southwest California

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Southwest California at the INC Kids On Tour.

Church News
Courageously Sharing Our Faith

Brother Klein Mendiola from Rome gives an invitation to the Catholic Pope to listen to the true words of God. Brethren from around the world react to Brother Klein’s act of bravery. Kathleen Gregorio shares her faith every chance she gets. Southeastern Seaboard gears up for “You’re Invited” Musical. Baby Gabriella Gendrano makes it to the Photo of the week.