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Finding God: Knowing Where to Look

Trauma left Teresa feeling let down, so she turned away from God. Now a mother, she […]

Church News
Joining the Battle Against Food Shortages

Canadian Member of Parliament Shaun Chen joins INC against food scarcity; Church Community aids Navajo Nation, […]

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Getting to Know the Church Of Christ

Welcome! You came to learn, to study, to grow closer to God, and maybe to have […]

What a Sandwich Taught Me About the Momentum of Kindness

Can a sandwich be a source of inspiration? Read how a simple act of kindness reached […]

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How To Help A Friend With Depression

PJ, a musician, talks to Donald Pinnock, a Minister of the Gospel in the Church of […]

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Strength To Serve: INC International Officers Day

Girl with LCH cancer from New York, former Hindu from Florida, and school teacher from California […]

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What Does Celebrating Easter Say About You?

Easter is considered a fun and widely accepted holiday, but should you celebrate this tradition? What […]

God's Message Podcast
Let God Direct Our Lives

When it’s time to make a choice, who do you ask for advice? Family? Friends? Have […]

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Finding Purpose In Paradise

A young woman in Hawaii is passionate about sharing the faith she gained since joining the […]