True Christians and Debates

What does the Bible say about debates between Christians? Are all Christians the same? You asked, the Bible answers.

Family Shows
Time to Draw LIVE

“Time to Draw” goes LIVE from the Bay Area with artist, James Raiz. Learn how to draw a bear and a whale!

Church News
Lifting Voices in Praise

Colorado is usually known for its tourist attracting views, but during the District of Southern Midwest’s Choir Day…

Executive News
Feature News: Village East, Rizal

What’s more valuable than the things that one can attain in this world— the eternal life in heaven. But while we are in this world, how can one be certain to attain the life everlasting?

INC Giving Show
Helping Hardworking Families

Field workers in Calistoga, California receive help and encouragement from their neighborhood INC Giving Volunteers

INC Giving Show
Partners in Kind : Doing Good Together

We love to partner with organizations to do good to those who need it. Hear what organizations that we have partnered with have to say about the efforts…

Church News

Youth gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, where they were reminded of how to navigate their way through life as Christians and stay enlightened by their membership..

INC and the Bible
What is Truly Valuable?

Serving God and the Lord Jesus Christ inside the Church of Christ is the most valuable […]

Church News
Points of Unity

Members of the Church Of Christ in the District of United Kingdom rally together in sportsmanship to win the ultimate prize – points of unity.