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Is the God of the Bible a Triune God?

Who is the God of the Bible? For members of the Catholic Church, they believe in […]

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Why God Is Not a Trinity

Experts explain what the trinity means, and why so many religions who believe in the trinity […]

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The Absolute Oneness of the True God

There is only one God, in all place and at all times.

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Quién Es El Verdadero Dios De Acuerdo Con La Biblia (Who The True God Is According to The Bible)

La Biblia enseña que solamente el Padre es el único Dios verdadero en la Biblia. Si […]

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If Christ is Not God, What is His Significance?

People ask who the one true God is, who Christ is, and the important role they […]

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What is the Trinity Doctrine?

Defined for years by different Christian Religions, but is it found in the Bible? And if […]