Cebuano Shows
Finding the True Church

How can we make sure that the religion or church we belong to, is the true […]

INC and the Bible
The Bible

Most religions have a book on which they base their faith. Above all books, however, is […]

About the INC
5 Things Families Look For In A Church

Finding a church for your family can be challenging. Learn 5 things you should consider in […]

About the INC
Top 7 Reasons Why People Want To Know More About This Church

Learn more about the Iglesia ni Cristo and hear first impressions from guests and members.

INC and the Bible
The True Knowledge About Our Lord Jesus Christ

Is your knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ based on the Bible?

English Shows
The Pre-Existence of Christ is Unbiblical

Many believe that Christ is God who pre-existed before being born on Earth. However, such a […]

English Shows
God is love, but will He save everyone?

God is love. But does that mean that all people will be saved no matter what?

INC and the Bible
Those Who Truly Belong to God

It is not enough for one to believe in and worship God in order to belong […]

Moralethical Concerns
We Must Always Live in Righteousness

We should always live righteously and in accordance to the words and commandments of our Lord […]