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What Does Celebrating Easter Say About You?

Easter is considered a fun and widely accepted holiday, but should you celebrate this tradition? What […]

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Sweetie Says No to Easter

What is Easter? Should we celebrate it? Find out in this “Sweetie Says.”

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Sweetie Says No to Christmas

What is Christmas? Should we celebrate Christmas? Find out in this “Sweetie Says”.

Sweetie Says No to Halloween

Sweetie tells us why she does not celebrate Halloween.

Origins of Easter

Should we all be celebrating and participating in the practices of Easter? Should we all hide Easter eggs, color the eggs, and by the way, who is the Easter…

When is Easter 2019?

Why is Easter in March? What does Palm Sunday have to do with Easter? Should Christians celebrate it?

Podcast: Tired moms explain why we don't celebrate certain holidays to their children.

How do you explain why INC members don’t celebrate certain holidays like Halloween and Christmas? Listen […]

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What You’re Really Giving Up for Lent

Is Lent biblical and accepted by God and Jesus Christ?

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Should Christians Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries throughout the world and yet very few wonder and […]