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Getting My Bible Questions Answered

Some search high and low for answers to their biblical questions, but come up empty. Meet […]

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Getting to Know the Church Of Christ

Welcome! You came to learn, to study, to grow closer to God, and maybe to have […]

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What Does Celebrating Easter Say About You?

Easter is considered a fun and widely accepted holiday, but should you celebrate this tradition? What […]

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What I Found in the Church Of Christ (Iglesia Ni Cristo)

See how losing a loved one and dealing with divorce led to a journey to God. […]

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God Answers Prayers

If you can’t figure out the solutions to your problems, maybe you’re looking for help in […]

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Is the God of the Bible a Triune God?

Who is the God of the Bible? For members of the Catholic Church, they believe in […]

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Cyrus or Felix Y. Manalo?

Is Cyrus the bird of prey from the east? Find out if he fulfills the biblical […]

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The Truth About Mary

What do you believe about Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus Christ? What does the […]

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Does The Catholic Church Have The True Christ?

Do Catholics have the true Christ? Whom do the members of the Catholic Church recognize as […]