Will you be saved?

Religion is a choice, it’s a choice people make. It’s a fundamental belief in a being […]

Joy in Johannesburg

FIVE LOAVES, TWO FISH and thousands of people… we all know the story. When the Almighty […]

“I believe I will see her again…eventually”

Robert McBean I was born in Jamaica and I lived there for 20 years and then […]

Love For Our Teachers

It’s June and the school year was almost over. As many youngsters and students were already […]

The Prayer of Abraham’s Mother

Like Sarah of the Bible, Marita waited a long time for something she didn’t know would […]

Aid for Humanity
A Box Of Hope

One by one, I watched the students walk into the dimly lit room and one by […]

Blog: Heart Maps

Family Activity: Heart Maps As featured on #Parenting Win In this INCFamily Hour Activity, each member […]

Recognizing Local Heroes

  In the early morning of July 2nd, the officers and brethren of the local of […]

Desert Storm Veteran Returns Home to God

Desert Storm Veteran Comes Home to God A family sits down together to discuss how a […]