Music Shows
“Keep My Eyes Towards Heaven” & “Abound”

A band from Eastern Canada performs 2 songs on the Band Together Project. Watch Lumière add Reggae and Latin flavors to their renditions of “Keep My Eyes Towards Heaven” and “Abound”.

Does God Consider All Sins Equal?

Does God consider all sins equal? You asked, the Bible answers.

INC Giving Show
Hunger in Lesotho and South Africa

The Church Of Christ leaves a lasting impression in the fight against hunger and poverty in Lesotho and South Africa.

Church News
The Gift of Living

In recognition of the 5th Anniversary of the District of Qatar, members of the Church Of Christ in Bahrain give of themselves for the sake of helping others.

INC Giving Show
Wildfires in Northern California

Wildfires rage in Northern California and INCGiving Volunteers take action. Stay tuned to for more updates on the outreach to the Sonoma County communities.

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Empresario descubrió cuál es el propósito de la vida [Entrepreneur discovers the purpose of life]

El Distrito del Reino Unido se reunion una actividad llamado “Iglesia De Cristo En Vivo en el Reino Unido” (INC LIVE UK) ofreciendo servicios sociales a los…

Preaching Shows
When is Jesus Coming Back?

Does anyone know the date when Jesus will be returning? What are the signs to look out for? You asked, the Bible answers.

Executive News
Feature News: Balintawak, Metro Manila North

What’s the first thing you do when disaster strikes? Watch how the power of prayer was manifested through these people.

Church News
Faith Speaks

“Faith Speaks” was held in Bridgeport, Connecticut in where individuals shared their stories and the importance of conversations with God.