Walk the Walk // Santiago Canyon College in Orange, California

  Nan Zapanta, host of the show Blueprint, meets Arleen Satele, an employee of Santiago Canyon […]

A Blessing from Africa // Jacksonville, Florida

A young woman from Zambia accepts an invitation to be part of the Worldwide Walk to […]

Close to My Heart // Cow Palace in Daly City, California

A young woman participating in the Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty shares her experience meeting residents […]

One Goal Around the World // Sand Island Beach

Meet world traveler, AJ Dizon, who participated in the Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty while on […]

English Shows
Family Board Game Night

Further placing importance on spending time together, families of the Church Of Christ in the Northeastern […]

Worldwide Walk
Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty 2018

Watch a special coverage of the Worldwide Walk to Fight Poverty 2018.

Worldwide Walk Broadcast

Executive News
May 4, 2018 [Lubao, Pampanga West]

For over 98 years the Local Congregation of Lubao, Pampanga has gone through different types of hardships. With God’s help, they have triumphantly overcome them and on May 4, they commemorated their anniversary with a worship service to God led by Brother Eduardo V. Manalo.

Church News
Big Hearts Shaping Little Minds

In Orlando, Florida teachers are grateful for a day they feel appreciated for their care and […]