Executive News
December 23, 2017 [Project 4, Quezon City]

After leading the Thanksgiving worship service to God in Singapore, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, visited the local congregation of Project 4 on December 23, 2017, to prepare them for the upcoming year.

Church News
Devoted To Praise

A special gathering of choir members in Northern Midwest has one choir leader express her lifelong dedication to her duty and how that dedication continues in her family.

Creative Christian

The downloadable Creative Christian Planner for 2018 is finally here! Keep your lives organized and inspired […]

Church News
Our Promise to Teach

Even at a young age, children are taught the words of God. Raised to value His teachings, many are now the youth mentors who want to share this same love for their Christian service inside the Church Of Christ.

Preaching Shows
Teaching Children to Budget

We’ve tackled the subject of money before on the show. The Bible is full of lots of instruction when it comes to money- including advice and warnings.

INC Giving Show
Sharing Aloha With American Samoa

INC Members in Hawaii reach out to their neighbors in American Samoa as part of the simultaneous Worldwide Aid For Humanity project in cooperation with the Felix Y. Manalo Foundation.

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Un​ ​lenguaje​ ​universal

El condado de Los Ángeles es el hogar de la población más grande de habla hispana en los Estados Unidos. Es por eso que era de primordial importancia para los miembros de la Iglesia De Cristo en la Congregación Local de Los Ángeles y las otras congregaciones en el Distrito del Suroeste de California presentarse a sus vecinos y sus alrededores para poder vencer la barrera del idioma.

INC International Edition
Do You Want Peace?

Why is there no peace in this world? Can we realistically expect to have complete and lasting peace in this world?

INC Kids
How to Draw Chibi Style | Time to Draw

It’s Time to Draw with James! Learn how to draw an INC Kid Chibi style. Let’s color and shade it in, too!