Family Shows
Sweetie Says: Patience

What does Sweetie say about patience? What is it and why should we have it?

Faith and Family
3 parenting methods to leave to the husbands

There are 3 parenting methods we should leave to the dads because as heads of households, they are just more effective at it than moms are…

Church News
Finding a Way Back to God

Brother Amia Lacey was invited to an Evangelical Mission in the Church of Christ and eventually found his way back to God.

Executive News
Feature News: Rome, Italy

The loss of religious spirituality and scandals have driven many to leave the Catholic Church. Having […]

Preaching Shows
Good Scientist AND a Good Christian?

Science and religion are often seen in opposition. Can someone be a good scientist and still be a good Christian? You asked, the Bible answers.

Church News
Conquering the Trails

The members of the Church in the Ecclesiastical District of Southeast California get together for a day of fitness and fun.

A Welcoming Hand

Imagine living a life where your freedom and sense of security is taken away from you. […]

Church News
Opportunities to Share the True Faith

Members in the Ecclesiastical District of Southern Europe share their faith with their countrymen.

Executive News
May 20, 2017 [Marseille, France]

The recent pastoral visitation of Executive Minister, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo, in Marseille France.