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Feature News: Macau, China

Over the last 20 years, Macau has experienced an influx of migrants from mainland China, Hong Kong and other parts of Asia. For some of these migrants, Macau became the setting for an unexpected change.

Church News
Refuge In Vallejo

With the wildfires raging for days in Northern California, members of the Church Of Christ in […]

Executive News
Feature News: Hong Kong, China

When it comes to the worship service, Church Of Christ members are ready to risk it all, even if it means their very lives.
Executive News presents
“Braving the Storm”
A feature based on the lecture taught in the pastoral visitation in Hong Kong, China on October 22, 2017.

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Overcoming Together

Texas residents are still recovering from Hurricane Harvey. Find out what volunteers in the region did […]

Church News
School For Ministers – Inauguration

Forty-three years of educating future ministers, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church Of Christ) School For Ministers […]

Church News
The Path: Baccalaureate Celebration

Youth in the Mid-Atlantic are reminded of the path to choose, that will keep them spiritually […]

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo
Ayuda Comunitaria Y Misión Evangélica en Tijuana, México

Como elegidos del Señor Dios los miembros de la Iglesia De Cristo cumplen todos los mandamientos […]

Executive News
October 29, 2017 [Taipei, Taiwan]

After conducting consecutive pastoral visits all over Asia, Brother Eduardo V. Manalo traveled to Taipei, Taiwan to lead another worship service.

Iglesia De Cristo Mundo

El fútbol es el deporte más visto en el mundo. Pero cuando se trata de los […]