INC and the Bible
Facing Trials in Life

Life is full of unpleasant experiences – it doesn’t matter what our economic status is or what we’ve accomplished. We all ask, “Why is this happening to me?” Is there a big picture to all of this pain?

Church News
Keeping up with INC KIDS

INC Kids day in Northeastern Seaboard. Teachers are appreciated at the end of the school year. Time to draw live taping coming soon!

Family Shows
I Am An INC Kid – Kenji

Meet Kenji. He is a professional badminton player from the United Arab Emirates. Learn more about being an INC kid on the INC Kids YouTube channel.

Church News
United in Love

Married couples in the Ecclesiastical District of Northeastern Seaboard are reminded of their bond to one another as husband and wife.

Faith and Family
How To Keep The Wife Happy

Husbands share tips on how to keep the wife happy.

Family Shows
On the Go: Trip to the Zoo

On the Go is in Australia for a trip to the zoo.

Why does God let us suffer?

It is a common question when looking at current events and disasters – why does God let us suffer? You asked, the Bible answers.

Family Shows
“Brave” – INC Kids On Tour: Alaska

Musical performance by the INC Kids of Alaska at the INC Kids On Tour.

Heart and Soul
Ambition = Attraction?

Is ambition as attractive for women as it is for men?