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La Iglesia De Cristo en La Biblia

¿Acaso la Iglesia de Cristo en la Biblia incluye a todas las personas que profesan la […]

Face the Truth
Legality vs. Morality: The Truth About Right and Wrong

When the majority rules, what happens when the majority gets it wrong? Many practices today are […]

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Featured News: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, U.S.A.

After a  series of tornadoes ravaged  Oklahoma, Executive Minister  Brother Eduardo V. Manalo visited the members […]

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True Baptism

True Baptism: Why is immersion needed? Do you need to be baptized right away? Why is […]

INC Kids
Lunchbox Story Tellers: Jazen Capili

Children sharing stories about their everyday life their family and their friendship with God.

Face the Truth
Public Enemy #1

Genghis Khan, Adolph Hitler, Saddam Hussein. All men gained notoriety for their brutality, their cruelty, and […]

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INC Review: Episode 23 <<

Meet a chef who followed his dreams!

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GOD’s Chosen People

If God loves all men, then why does He have chosen ones to serve Him? What’s […]