Face the Truth
The Truth about the Cross

Many people today recognize the cross as the symbol of Christianity and identified with Christ. What […]

English Shows
The Art of Giving

Watch volunteers use their talent to not only share their kind thoughts but most especially give […]

Face the Truth
The Truth about Fortune-telling: The Consequences of Looking into the Future

What will tomorrow be like? It’s a simple question that some believe they have the answer […]

Inspiring Shows
The Power of Prayer

At times when many might give up two families facing life threatening challenges turn to God […]

Christian Music Videos
In Your Love

Lyrics & Music by: Georges-Pele Taino Performed by: SY Produced by: INC Media Services

Face the Truth
The Real History of Christianity: Part I

Catholic. Lutheran. Baptist. Episcopalian. Presbyterian. Methodist. Pentecostal and thousands more. One Bible, but so many churches. […]