El Mensaje
El Nombre Dado Por Dios (The Name Given By God)

Una de las señales de identidad de la verdadera Iglesia es el nombre dado a ésta […]

Family Shows

Learn what humility is and why we should be humble.

Christian Family Organizations

Special TV-series of the Iglesia ni Cristo’s march to its 100th anniversary, highlighting the different achievements […]

My Centennial Moment: Jennifer & Joanne Badanguio

Badanguio family from Salinas, California shares their experience on the INC Heritage Tour during the Centennial […]

English Shows
Featured News: Auckland, New Zealand

The reason members of the Church Of Christ give utmost importance to Pastoral Visits done by […]

English Shows
December 27 [Auckland, New Zealand]

The 3rd stop of the Executive Minister’s pastoral visit in the region of Australia-Oceania was in […]

2014 Year in Review

A look back at the historical events of the Iglesia Ni Cristo on its centennial year, […]

My Centennial Moment: Ivan Tumbaga

Brother Ivan Tumbaga shares his experience during the 2014 Excellence in Visual Media Awards in the […]

WORD – Women on Real Discussions (PROMO #2)

Join a real conversation! Four women, same faith but different opinions. Pull up a chair at […]